Literary Genres

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I read books in all kinds of genres and it varies a lot what I find interesting. Lately, I’ve grown tired of the Young Adult genre and I’m leaning towards historical and romantic books. It changes often what I’m in the mood for.

Young Adult is the genre in which I’ve read the most from and it’s a very broad genre. It typically has many subgenres added such as Dystopian, Adventure, Realism and Fantasy. In a Young Adult, the main character is usually in his or her mid or late teen years. We mostly experience that the person is going through a personal development alongside the development of the plot and usually connected somehow.

What can make or break this genre is typically two things! One thing is the main character’s personality. If you don’t sympathize with him or her, it’s pretty much doomed to be a bad read. The second and in a lot of people’s opinion, the most important, the world building. If the author made an interesting world, but somehow forgot to explain some important details or mixed something up along the way or simply didn’t make a realistic world to begin with, you have a major problem.

The young adult genre is the genre that suffers the most from “The Second Book Curse” meaning that the author wrote an amazing start to a series but completely failed to make the second book interesting. If the author juggles too many unanswered questions and you don’t get an answer to them in the second book, you feel cheated. Alternatively, in some cases the author decides that the main character needs some changes and we end up with a complete different person.

If the plot is interesting, the world is interesting and the main character is interesting you’re almost guaranteed that you’ll have an awesome fan base, but if you screw up, you end up getting a 1 star rating. That is the reason why I’ve more or less given up on the genre because I’ve read so many books that are shit.


The Fantasy genre is fiction with a storyline happening in an alternative universe. Often but not always in the presence of magic. The books in the genre contain supernatural elements such as vampires, werewolves and so forth. The genre is huge and has all kinds of subgenres making the genre interesting to many different people.

I like this genre, especially the ones with interesting plots and colorful worlds. My one main problem with the genre is repetitions! When you’ve read many books in the genre, you tend to see similarities in either worlds or characters. In addition, they end up being dull rather that interesting and exciting. Once you’ve read like ten or twenty books about vampires you’ve rather had enough however, it turns out you’ve only breached the surface on the amount of vampire novels out there. It has become too easy nowadays to write and publish books that the thrill of a new books isn’t as groundbreaking as it used to be. It’s a sad development I’m experiencing about the genre lately but I still have hope, that I’ll stick with the best of the best, rather than keep granting books one star or so.


The genre I’ve taken a liking to lately is Romance novels. Especially authors such as Jojo Moyes and Lisa Kleypas has awoken my passion. The genre itself is very straightforward, and the overall concept is the same. The genre can be read by young and elderly altogether. If you’ve reached a halt in the fantasy, universe this genre could get you out of your negative feelings toward reading. Both authors are recommendable and they’ve both got lots of books to start your adventure.

The other genre I’m reading a lot is Historical fiction. It’s a mixture of facts and fiction making it both intriguing and educational at the same time. I’ve not yet read more than a few books but what I have read has completely changed my view on reading, for the better of course. It has opened up for some reading experiences I’d never would have achieved had I stayed in the Young Adult and Fantasy genre.  I’m looking forward to achieving more knowledge of the genre but if you find yourself interested in the genre, I’d recommend you looking at my recommendations tab on my website.

The Realism genre can be dreadful but could also be the best genre there is. It’s difficult to write a good realism book but when it happens, they are usually granted a five star rating. The other day I read the best in the genre and it was difficult to think of the story as a book and not real life. I could have been my neighbor’s daughter for all I know. The distance is long between good realism stories but once you find one of them you’ll end up with an amazing reading experience.