Blackthorn Hunters Academy #4 The Shadow Trials

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Title: The Shadow Trials

Series: Blackthorn Hunters Academy #4

Author: Juliana Haygert

Published in English: 2019

Sideantal: 192

Forlag: Independently Published

ISBN: 978-1705598993

Finished Reading: July 2020

Stars: 5

Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult & Fantasy










This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



A demon hunter destined for greatness. A half-demon out to solve a mystery. And a tournament that threatens to take their lives…
Everything at the academy has changed. A bloodthirsty new headmaster has taken over the school, and my friends and I are being forced to endure his relentless torment.
Besides getting through my classes, I’ve got a huge burden on my shoulders. My father, King Brikan and lord over all demons, is rising in power. To defeat him and save the supernatural realm from the terrors of the underworld, I need to find my missing sisters… a task that’s proving impossible.
I’ve never been freer in my life—and at the same time, never been more trapped.
Erin and I have to be on our guard. Students are being attacked, and there’s a traitor in our midst.
Even worse, Erin and I are both forced to enter a tournament due to our demon blood. All half-demons must prove they are worthy enough to attend the academy by enduring a deadly contest. One I’m not sure we’ll survive.
But nothing is what it seems, and the answers to all our mysteries are lurking in the shadows…



Oh My! This series keeps getting more interesting with as the series progresses. With this fourth installment, I can honestly tell you, this is by far the best paranormal series ever.

The story picks up where we left in the third book, although the start was a bit slow, it didn’t take long to reach the same level of action like the rest of the books. The mystery continues as well, this time it’s just other people stirring up some drama.

If you still haven’t read the series, then what are you waiting for? As of now, all five books are on the marked and easily accessible. Juliana takes us on a wonderful journey, a spellbinding one in fact; she made our world interesting with adding supernatural elements. From the first sentence to the last in this fourth book It’s been nothing but an enjoyable journey with lots of new kinships, some more enjoyable than others.

The writing style wasn’t as fluent as in the other three books, but it was only once or twice it was noticeable, but the extremely exciting events made up for it.

Unfortunately, there is only one book left in this series, which is a shame! Letting go of this series will be a difficult task to complete, but commending the authors work!

Remarkable series.