Blackthorn Hunters Academy #2 The Hunter Secret

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Title: The Hunter Secret

Series: Blackthorn Hunters Academy #2

Author: Juliana Haygert

Published in English: 2019

Sideantal: 256

Forlag: Independently Published

ISBN: 978-1081753153

Finished Reading: July 2020

Stars: 5

Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult & Fantasy











This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



A young woman chosen by fate. A man who’s concealing the truth. And an academy that keeps getting darker…
Rey and I were forced to make a deal with Headmaster Randall. I agreed that if he saved Rey’s life, and kept my secrets, we’d help him organize a half demon army.
But earning the trust of half demons in hiding proves harder than we thought—and more dangerous. One of them lost everything due to a mistake we made, and he’s promised to make us pay for what we’ve done…
Erin and I have a soul bond, but she doesn’t know it. To keep her safe, I’ve been forced to hide the mark on my chest binding us together forever— as well as conceal my true feelings for her.
If dealing with raising an army wasn’t enough, students are going missing. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this secret under wraps, and Erin obviously suspects something



This is the second installment in the ever so engaging Blackthorn Hunters Academy series. You’re never bored due to the fast pace and the many mysteries, twists, and suspense. It’s truly an engaging read and very difficult putting down.

The character development in this installment is rather surprising in a good way. Erin is changing into a somewhat confident young woman, and her point of view open a lot of stuff has changed due to her evolvement. Everything isn’t running as smoothly with her family as we could have hoped, but hopefully we might get to see them forming a strong bond before the series comes to an end.

Rey is Rey! His actions and motives in wanting to protect Erin is understandable but a little frustrating at times, I really want him to give in and follow his heart, because he deserves to be happy. Their bond is what makes this book powerful as well, due to the changing point of views.


Ava is starting to grow on me, she’s a very interesting character and I’m sure we will get to know a lot more about her, and maybe even play a bigger part than she already has. We finally got to see a more vulnerable side of hers! Randall’s motives and story is still intriguing, you never know what that man is thinking or if he is even good! Like with so many other stories, some characters become more apparent than others. Frankly, the characters in the first book that stood out as exceptionally good created characters seemed to fall into the background, making room for new acquaintances. The author truly has a gift when it comes to writing interesting things. The language itself, like in the first, isn’t very technical, and can therefor be enjoyed by a lot of people are all around the world. This series is recommendable to anyone who likes Urban Fantasies, Demons, Hunters and of course our very own Harry Potter. It got a little Shadowhunters in there too. So, enjoy!