Savn mig ikke

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Title: I’m Not Missing

Author: Carrie Fountain

Published in English: 2018

Dansk titel: Savn mig ikke

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2019

Sideantal: 314

Forlag: CarlsenPuls

ISBN: 978-8711568040

Finished Reading: July 2020

Stars: 4

Genre: Romance & Young Adult







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.




When Miranda Black’s mother abandoned her, she took everything—the sun, moon, and stars—and Miranda found shelter in her friendship with Syd, who wore her own motherlessness like a badge of honor: Our mothers abandoned us. We won’t go begging for scraps.
When Syd runs away suddenly and inexplicably in the middle of their senior year, Miranda is abandoned once again, left to untangle the questions of why Syd left, where she is—and if she’s even a friend worth saving. Her only clue is Syd’s discarded pink leopard print cell phone and a single text contained there from the mysterious HIM. Along the way, forced to step out from Syd’s enormous shadow, Miranda finds herself stumbling into first love with Nick Allison of all people and learning what it means to be truly seen, to be finally not missing in her own life.



This was a truly compelling story about Miranda and her search for her lost best friend, and in that search finding herself. Heartwarming story full of friendship and love that was worth every minute.

This book is good, this is the debut novel by the author and without a doubt, and she will have a bright future. The dialogue is so smooth and natural, you don’t get the sense that the author is trying too hard, to make the story flow. The relationship between the characters are authentic on so many levels. Miranda and Nick is a love story that will make your heart melt. Miranda and her father Peter is the best interaction between two characters ever seen in my opinion. Any person would be lucky to have that sort of dad; he really made this book worthwhile.

On many levels, this didn’t scream Young Adult to me. These characters had a past we were well aware of, they had depth to them and they were all multi – faceted. Miranda is a bit weird, which only makes her more relatable. Flawed as the rest of us, respects other people and overall very mature for her age.

The book is gritty, emotional, filled with twists and very good humor. It was slow paced, which usually is a bad thing, but this time it work! It makes the read very relaxing and soothing.

Even after finishing this book, I got some unanswered questions that would have been nice with some closure of sorts. That is the only critique that comes to mind, the ending. Hate loose ends!