Og Så Drukner jeg

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Title: Og så drukner jeg

Author: Ditte Wiese

Udgivelsesår: 2019

Sideantal: 335

Forlag: CarlsenPuls

ISBN: 978-8711903339

Finished Reading: Juni 2020

Stars: 4

Genre: YA









This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Hvis ikke du præsterer perfekt, er du en taber! Sådan tænker den 18-årige Josephine, der forsøger at være ligeså perfekt og dygtig som sine venner.
Hun har lagt en plan for sit liv. Hun har valgt en fornuftig uddannelse, den rigtige kæreste og den korrekte diæt. Det er godt, og det er perfekt. Men der er noget, der sitrer i hende. Små bølger af noget forkert, der presser på og holder hende vågen. Det borer sig ind i hendes hjerne og larmer. Får hende til at glemme ting. Glemme at trække vejret.
Hvad er der galt med hende? Hvorfor kan hun ikke bare følge planen? Hun presser sig jo til det yderste.
Presset er så stort, at Josephine er ved at drukne. Hun kan slet ikke få luft, men hun tør ikke råbe om hjælp. For hvis ikke hun kan alting, er hun jo ingenting.



The book is only available in Danish.

Speechless much. Yes! For sure. This is an extremely important book about stress and feeling the pressure of society’s norms. It’s very difficult reviewing this book since I’m lost for words. The writing is excellent, loves the authors use of imagery, overall very beautiful written story.
Where I’m a bit hesitant is with the side characters of the story. They didn’t really seem to match the story all the way through. They are a bit too selfish and anyone with a little common sense would know to stay away from people like that. However, our sweet main character Josephine has issues finding herself.
The book seemed a little unfinished. Many unanswered questions are lurking in the back of my mind. Maybe to some, who’s read the book, it won’t seem like a big deal, but I love a good story with closure, where you’re a hundred percent clarified with what happened and how it ended. This ending is as open as ever. You get to decide how it ends and why. Josse, Phine or Josephine is the sort of character that you end up rooting for, you want great things to happen for her, you want her to be happy, and therefore it’s only right that she gets a successful conclusion.

The book is very educational and a great work of art would recommend people in schools reading this and perhaps learn something.