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Title: Bossman

Author: Vi Keeland

Published in English: 2016

Dansk titel: Bossman

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2017

Sideantal: 370

Forlag: Lovebooks

ISBN: 978-8711569504

Finished Reading: Maj 2019

Stars: 5

Genre: New Adult & Romance







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.




The first time I met Chase Parker, I didn’t exactly make a good impression.
I was hiding in the bathroom hallway of a restaurant, leaving a message for my best friend to save me from my awful date.
He overheard and told me I was a bitch, then proceeded to offer me some dating advice.
So I told him to mind his own damn business—his own tall, gorgeous, full-of-himself damn business—and went back to my miserable date.
When he walked by my table, he smirked, and I watched his arrogant, sexy ass walk back to his date.
I couldn’t help but sneak hidden glances at the condescending jerk on the other side of the room. Of course, he caught me on more than one occasion, and winked.
When the gorgeous stranger and his equally hot date suddenly appeared at our table, I thought he was going to rat me out.
But instead, he pretended we knew each other and joined us—telling elaborate, embarrassing stories about our fake childhood.
My date suddenly went from boring to bizarrely exciting.
When it was over and we parted ways, I thought about him more than I would ever admit, even though I knew I’d never see him again.
I mean, what were the chances I’d run into him again in a city with eight million people?
Then again…
What were the chances a month later he’d wind up being my new sexy boss?



The author is so gifted and it would be a waste not to read more from her. She really did an amazing job transferring the chemistry between Chase and Reese onto paper. It was juice and playful, worth every second, and definitely recommendable.

It took some time for the story to develop, but in this situation, it works wonders. We get to know them both individually and together and I appreciated the time spend on developing these characters and their relationship. You are more invested through this process and it wasn’t boring at any point. You know it’s a good book when you’re having an inner discussion with yourself that you simply must put down the book and go to bed.

There was never any discussion whether this book would get four or five starts, it’s clearly a five star book and one that will be read multiple times, it’s that good. However, the tiebreaker would definitely be Chase in this case. He is such an amazing character, the person that every girl would be frowning about and dying to marry. Through Vi’s exceptional writing, we get a clear picture of how he looks and how he is, hunky. Reese isn’t too bad herself, but she’s more down to earth, everyday girl, could be anyone who reads this book almost, which is awesome, as it gave you the idea, that you were a part of the story or at least could be.

The writing was super easy to read and understand. Very good work.