Hot Mess

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Title: Hot Mess

Author: Lucy Vine

Published in English: 2017

Dansk titel: Hot Mess

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2018

Sideantal: 272

Forlag: Flamingo

ISBN: 978-8702255492

Finished Reading: May 2019

Stars: 3

Genre: Chick Lit & Romance







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Hot Mess [n.] – someone attractive, who is often in disarray.

Ellie Knight is just like you. Her life isn’t turning out the way she thought it would. Some people might say she’s a hot mess but then who really has their s**t together anyway?
It’s Valentine’s Day and Ellie finds herself eating Nutella in the bar stockroom after a no-show date.
But single doesn’t have to be the loneliest number, does it?
She goes back home to her flatshare and weird flatmates.
It’s ok there’s black mould everywhere, right?
With a hangover from hell, she goes to the office job she thought she would have quit by now.
Doesn’t everyone hate their job?



I liked this and hated it at the same time. I loved the humor in the book it was totally my sense of humor and I laughed so freaking loud at times. That little girl, Milly and the dad, Alan totally saved this train wreck of a book, although Alan’s chapters are seriously a bother, they are boring and frankly, feels like a way to fill up the pages. Our main character Ellie is probably the most annoying person in the entire bookverse. Her self-loath and constant denial had me frustrated for the most part. Ellie is a Jack-Of-All-Trades but a master of none. She jumps from one problem to the next and along are we, the readers, to her party of failure. She changes a little throughout the book, but she never speaks to me.

Despite there being some funny sentences, the overall writing is horrendous. It feels very essay-ish and everything is laid out on the start. You do not have to think a single independent thought, since you know about every little thing that happens. So, if you like those easily read books, then this one is for you. This has been compared to Bridget Jones, but frankly, I do see some resemblance, but Bridget is nowhere near as whiny as Ellie is, and that was a big turnoff. I am glad I read this though, since it’s in a category of its own, it’s downright witty, funny, hilarious and light. At the same time, it’s annoying because of our main character.

My expectations might have been different from what I ended up getting, I saw a lot of similarities to myself at first, but Ellie turned out to be much different than first anticipated.