Til dødens os skiller

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Titel: Til døden os skiller

Author: Kit A. Rasmussen

Udgivelsesår: 2018

Sideantal: 280

Forlag: Carlsen

ISBN: 978-8711541241

Finished Reading: Februar 2020

Stars: 1

Genre: Young Adult











This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Til trods for en hård opvækst og lidt af et rygte som en bad boy har Nick nogenlunde styr på livet: Arbejde på værkstedet, byture med vennerne, ikke for meget hash, løs aftale med Emma om sex.
Så møder han Isabelle.
Hun er alt for god til ham, det kan han se med det samme. For smuk, for rig, for intelligent – for god til at være sand.
Alligevel kaster han sig ud i kampen for at vinde hende. Mod alle odds lykkes det.
Men hvad er prisen?


The book is only available in Danish

I could literally feel my intelligence ratio drop during this read.  The subject is interesting, but the amount of sex scenes are just too much. The characters were bad, the writing was bad, and nothing in this book was good. I don’t understand why people rate this 5/5.
The dialogue is terrible. All the uncertainties flying around is just silly, these people are supposed to be older than teenagers are; however, they act as if they are five. Except for their genitalia usage, they might as well be kids and if I planned on reading about kids, I’d reread Harry Potter.

I wouldn’t recommend this, but I’m sure that someone out there may find it interesting, to me, it just seems like a waste of good ideas. The execution is horrible, but the idea behind is good. Usually I have a lot to say about bad books, and believe me, this is probably the worst, I’ve read till the end, I won’t say I regret finishing it, because after all, I wanted to know what would happen in the end, due the first chapter in the book, where we get to read the ending. I know funny, right. However, I’m serious. It starts with a phone call in the present, and the rest of the book is leading up to that call, however, we read the entire book in present tense, which is a bit weird and again, a reason for my dislike.