Helt som de andre

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Titel: Helt som de andre

Author: Anne Bahnson

Udgivelsesår: 2018

Sideantal: 180

Forlag: Gyldendal

ISBN: 978-8702270815

Finished Reading: Februar 2020

Stars: 3

Genre: Young Adult










This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.




Det har aldrig generet Leonora at være lidt anderledes. Som regel tænker hun ikke på det, og det er heller ikke noget, hun prøver at skjule. Men da hun møder August, opdager hun, hvor skønt det føles, at han slet ikke ved noget om hende. Hvor skønt det føles at være helt almindelig. Så hvorfor sige noget?

Efterhånden bliver fortielsen til løgne, der fylder så meget i Leonoras liv, at hun ikke opdager, at det også har konsekvenser for andre end hende selv …



The book is only available in Danish; maybe someday others will get the chance to read it in English.
Story wise it was cute, not groundbreaking work, but decent quick read, with a main character that felt realistic.

I liked how Leonora was at the beginning of the book, but her development, when August appeared for real, was not my cup of tea, but the author caught something very essential when it comes to young girls and how they act toward a cute boy. I liked August though, he was very mature, making me question his age.
Language wise it was super easy to read, sometimes it became a little too teen, but that’s kind of, what you expect with these books, and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.
It’s not a bad book, but it’s not a very good one either, it’s decent, it’s short, a lot of stuff is happening – with our characters and development of the plot, but something was missing. Maybe it was the shortness of the story that somehow made the book seem unfinished. Anyways, once you’ve finished the book, you’re done with it.