Blå og Sort #1 Den Sorte Enkes By

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Titel: Den sorte enkes by

Serie: Rød og Blå #1

Forfatter: Nicole Boyle Rødtnes

Udgivelsesår: 2019

Sideantal: 440

Forlag: Alvilda

ISBN: 978-8741506074

Finished Reading: Januar 2020

Stars: 4

Genre: Young Adult & Science Fiction









This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.




Rød og blå 1: Den sorte enkes by
I byen Viduana lever mænd og kvinder helt adskilt. Opdelingen bevarer freden i en verden af kaos. Men ikke alle kan overholde grænsen mellem kønnene …

CLARA er lige fyldt 18 år og er nu tvunget til at deltage i forplantningspligten.
SILAS lever under slavelignende tilstande i mændenes kvarter. Han vil gerne ændre byen, men det kræver et ubærligt offer at få indflydelse.
EMMAs mor dør, og hun må flytte ind hos sin bedstemor, den sorte enke, som regerer Viduana med hård hånd. Men Emma skjuler en hemmelighed, der kan koste hende livet.

Velkommen til Viduana, hvor forelskelse er forbudt, og ethvert forsøg på flugt straffes med døden.



The book is currently only available in Danish but I’m certain that the world will get to know her name soon, since the author has many very good books out there.

I liked this one, but not in the way that I had expected. Plot wise it wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped and it let me down a little, however, the characters were awesome, all of them to be honest and they all had traits that defined them as characters. One thing I was a little upset about was the division of the characters. They each had their separate chapter where we followed them around during a short period or a whole day.  I like a book that doesn’t need to do this, but as the story progressed, it served a purpose and it was nice seeing the events from different angles and turned the reader to being an active participant, rather than just a bystander.

This is the first in the series and I’m sure the next one will be better. I can almost guarantee it, since her series, Ilttyv had a similar buildup. I had some issues getting started but once I finally got used to the style of the book, I was hooked. I actually ended up reading the last of the book in a few hours. I’ll definitely be reading it again and impatiently await the second one and hopefully the third and final.

The universe that the author has built is interesting. I’m not sure if it’s somehow realistic, but that’s not really, why you read a book. We got a glimpse of the society and the roles the different people played and I’m sure that we will get an even bigger insight next time in her next book. However, what we saw definitely peaked my interest.

The writing is fluent and daring. Interesting choice for the dystopian genre.