Er du okay #2 Er du Okay, Fie

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Title: Er du Okay, Fie?

Series: Er du Okay? #2

Author: Anika Eibe

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2017

Sideantal: 179

Forlag: Tellerup

ISBN: 978-8758824628

Finished Reading: Juli 2018

Genre: Young Adult

Stars: 5









This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.




Jeg ved godt hvordan folk opfatter mig.
Jeg ved godt de tror de ved alt om mig.
Alene på grund af mit udseende.
Men ved I hvad … det gør de ikke.

Fie har det hele.
Hun er smuk, dygtig i skolen,
og drengene er vilde med hende.
Udadtil er hendes liv fantastisk.
Men ikke alt er så perfekt som det ser ud


I know how people see me
I know, they think they know everything about me
Because of how I look
But you know what, they really don’t

Fie has it all
She’s beautiful, excellent in school
and the boys are crazy about her
However, not everything is as perfect as it appears





Only available in Danish.


Er du okay, Fie, is the second book in the series where we take up one subject that is of importance to the young community. In the last book the subject was bullying and it, touch me deeply. Now the author has done it again, this time with cutting. She really hit the nail on this one too. When it comes to capturing the emotions it stirs, the execution is damn near perfection. It must have taken years of observing kids to write this accurate. The author makes you feel exposed and vulnerable and the connection you feel with the main character is frighteningly good. It’s heartbreaking reading certain aspects of the book but it’s so damn important making kids aware of the issue it’s very contemporary and would be excellent in the line of schoolwork. Just the other day I saw a girl with bruises and cuts on both her arms, some of them freshly made and I had no idea where to look. I felt so bad for her, but at the same time, it felt wrong to start talking to her. I’m sure this is some sort of commonality and perhaps it would be an excellent idea to know, what to do in those situations. Did she want me to make a comment, talk to her regularly, or just be left alone?  Since I didn’t know, I ended up not looking at her. I hope that someone will pick up this series, which contains a few books and translate them into any or every language, it’s rare that I feel that way, but in this case, I’m proud to be sharing the same language as Anike Eibe and getting the opportunity to read it. I’d volunteer to be the translator of the English version.

Anyways, I highly recommend these books – they may juggle some subjects in which you’re not too comfortable with, just know the author did everything right. In addition, that they aren’t offensive in the least, you may actually learn something, and Wuhu learning is what? Fundamental. Yes.