Hende du Forlod

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Title: The Girl you left behind

Author: Jojo Moyes

Published in English: 2012

Dansk titel: Hende du forlod

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2015

Sideantal: 448

Forlag: Cicero

ISBN: 978-8763836487

Finished Reading: September 2019

Stars: 2/5

Genre: Historical & Historical Fiction








This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Paris, World War I. Sophie Lefèvre must keep her family safe while her adored husband, Édouard, fights at the front. When their town falls to the Germans, Sophie is forced to serve them every evening at her hotel. From the moment the new Kommandant sets eyes on Sophie’s portrait—painted by her artist husband—a dangerous obsession is born.

Almost a century later in London, Sophie’s portrait hangs in the home of Liv Halston, a wedding gift from her young husband before his sudden death. After a chance encounter reveals the portrait’s true worth, a battle begins over its troubled history and Liv’s world is turned upside all over again.



It pains me to say this, but I really didn’t like it. The first part of the book was fine. I loved Sophie and the sheer amount of personality Moyes gave her. She’s exactly the kind of heroine I absolutely adore. Besides her, nothing stood out in any way, it was boring and male dominated all the way toward the end. If only Moyes had somehow made a story regarding Sophie and not the painting I’d been more keen on the story


The second set of characters was not interesting at all. Actually they ended up ruining the book for me. I would rather stare into nothingness than ever reading this book again. I was so bored I wanted to end the read, but since I’ve read some nice reviews across the internet, I decided to continue reading thought out the boring parts too, but I regret not skipping the chapters in regarding Liv and David.

I’ve heard that, this part of the story is continued in the book; Honeymoon in Paris and even though the book is roughly hundred pages pocket size, I’d still feel as if I waste my time reading that. I wish I liked both stories, but a mere painting connecting the two stories is just too scares for me. It’s just too big a miss for me.

I love Moyes’ covers, their simplicity.