Gossip Girl #2

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Title: You know you love me

Series: Gossip Girl #2

Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar

Published in English: 2002

Dansk titel: I ved I elsker mig

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2008

Sideantal: 230

Forlag: Carlsen

ISBN: 978-8711315682

Finished Reading: July 2019

Stars: 2/5

Genre: YA







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



In You Know You Love Me , the sequel to Gossip Girl, it’s brunette vixen Blair Waldorf’s seventeenth birthday, and she knows exactly what she wants— Nate, her studly troubles boyfriend of three years. But Blair’s been too busy filling out Ivy League college applications to notice that Nate has found himself another playmate.



I was struggling as to which grade to grand this book. The overall plot was okay, little boring at first, but I rather liked the ending quite a bit. The focus is still heavily on drug and alcohol use, which I find rather annoying and would prefer not to know these kinds of things. It just doesn’t seem important to the flow of the story, to know how many cigarettes they smoke and how they light them.

I liked this slightly more than the first book. Some of the characters are starting to develop into people that are more “normal” than the general type of teenager displayed in this story.

With this huge virility of personalities, you’re bound to like some or maybe only one character more than the rest and you tend to read their chapters more closely.

I think this will be the last of the books I’ll be reading, simply because of these reasons:

  • Blair is portrait as a skin sick bitch excuse my language. Frankly, she’s off-putting.
  • Nate is acting like an asshole toward Blair; however, I like how he seems to change during the last bit of the book. So maybe he is not so bad after all.
  • Dan is creepy. His stalker tendencies are becoming too much for me to handle.
  • Jenny, oh my, she’s bound to get herself into major problems.
  • Vanessa is probably the character I care for the least. The way she displays herself is frustrating me to bits.

If you, like me, didn’t really fancy these books, I’d suggest watching the television series instead; it’s ten times better than this teenage bullshit.