Age of X #2 Callista

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Title: Gameboard of the Gods

Series: Age of X #2

Author: Richelle Mead

Published in English: 2013

Dansk titel: Callista

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2018

Sideantal: 272

Forlag: Tellerup

ISBN: 978-8758825519

Finished Reading: May 2019

Genre: Fantasy & Science – Fiction

Stars: 2







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



In a futuristic world nearly destroyed by religious extremists, Justin March lives in exile after failing in his job as an investigator of religious groups and supernatural claims. But Justin is given a second chance when Mae Koskinen comes to bring him back to the Republic of United North America (RUNA). Raised in an aristocratic caste, Mae is now a member of the military’s most elite and terrifying tier, a soldier with enhanced reflexes and skills.

When Justin and Mae are assigned to work together to solve a string of ritualistic murders, they soon realize that their discoveries have exposed them to terrible danger. As their investigation races forward, unknown enemies and powers greater than they can imagine are gathering in the shadows, ready to reclaim the world in which humans are merely game pieces on their board.



As I’ve gathered, the Danish edition has decided to divide the first book into three separate books, curious. Unfortunately, for me it didn’t change a lot. We still got the weird writing, and the even more odd characters.

In the second book we end on a cliffhanger, Mae is about to tell her story about why she ended up in the military asking Justin to sit down a listen.

I’m not a fan of this work and in a way I won’t miss, the third, in which, has been cancelled.

The review of the first book replies on this one too.

If you except a book similar to Michelle Read’s other work, you’re in for a crude awakening. It seems the author went above and beyond trying to write something out of her comfort zone, and in my opinion, she failed. There’s nothing likeable about the characters, the plot is boring, and the action is less to none. The word I would use about this is Sterile. There’s a big disconnect when it comes to emotions, there’s something about this world, she’s created that screams impersonal from the start.

I’m not sure when the first book ends and when the second start, so I’m pretty darn confused. Talking about confused, what’s up with the two voices in Justin’s head? It bugged me so much that the characters were having a conversation inside Justin’s head, and I didn’t know what happened with that until later in this second book, since the first explanation was so poor and shoddy.

Ah, well I guess I’ll just end this now with the third book and see what happens.