De Magiske Møgunger #2 Den anden Historie

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Title: The Second Story

Series: Magic Misfits #2

Author: Neil Patrick Harris

Published in English: 2018

Dansk titel: Den anden Historie

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2019

Sideantal: 331

Forlag: Carlsen

ISBN: 978-8711697658

Finished Reading: May 2019

Genre: Children

Stars: 5







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Growing up in an orphanage, Leila was bullied for being different. But she turned her hardship into skill by becoming an escape artist—a valuable trait when belonging to a group of magical best friends. When a famous psychic comes to town, however, Leila and her pals won’t be able to escape the big mystery heading their way. Whether chasing mad monkeys or banishing ghosts from haunted hotels, these six friends will do their best to keep Mineral Wells safe—but can they still protect themselves in the process?

Join the Magic Misfits as they discover adventure, friendship, and more than a few hidden secrets in this delightful new series. Whether you’re a new fan of stage magic or a longtime expert at illusion, Magic Misfits is sure to delight even more than sawing your assistant in half!

… have more questions? I thought you might. Here are some answers:

WHERE? A sleepy town in New England and the magic shop there, run by the friendly but mysterious Dante Vernon—the gang’s caped and top-hatted mentor.

WHO? Carter, who makes cards and coins vanish. Leila, who escapes from trunks and straitjackets. Theo, who levitates with the aid of his violin bow. Ridley, who invents and transforms everyday objects. And of course twins Olly and Izzy, who make everyone laugh.

WHY? Because together, these six Magical Misfits will discover adventure, friendship, and the town’s long-hidden secrets.

(Psst. Hey, you! Yes, YOU! Congratulations on reading this far down. As a reward, I’ll let you in on a little secret…. This book isn’t just a book. It’s a treasure trove of secrets and ciphers and codes and even tricks. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll discover more than just a story—you’ll learn how to make your own magic!)



This is just as cute and great as the first one. Neil Patrick Harris is a great storyteller! I especially like how he inserts himself into the story and makes comments now and again. We get to know the characters a lot greater and the situation with the two Mr. Vernon’s are more out there than in the first. He isn’t hiding the fact that Leila has two dads and that Carter has been adopted into a family with two dads or in this case, Uncles. I barely took notice of it in the first book, and it’s very subtle in the second too.


This is a children’s book, but mixed with a bunch of Morse code and riddles here and there makes it all the better for grownups to read it. You get to solve riddles and do magic tricks it was all a blast. I’m glad I continued with the series because the book teaches morals, and sends a message to anyone reading it. The book holds many messages making it ideal material for schools, or night reading or perhaps a good place for children to start reading on their own.

Seeing, as it is a children’s book it can become a little predictable to the elder people reading it. However, the magic of friendship and love for magic makes this book one of the best children’s novels out there. If I had kids myself, I would read these aloud, enjoy them repeatedly, and again, until the pages are worn out and it’s time to buy new copies.

Even the introduction to the second book says it all!