Pigen fra Napoli

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Title: The Italian Girl

Author: Lucinda Riley

Published in English: 1996

Dansk titel: Pigen fra Napoli

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2015

Sideantal: 462

Forlag: Cicero

ISBN: 978-8763838931

Finished Reading: April 2019

Genre: Historical, Romance & Historical Fiction

Stars: 5







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Rosanna Menici is just eleven years old when she meets Roberto Rossini, the man who will change her life forever. In the years to come, their destinies are bound together by their extraordinary talents as opera singers and by their enduring but obsessive love for each other – a love that will ultimately affect the lives of all those closest to them. For, as Rosanna slowly discovers, their union is haunted by powerful secrets from the past . . .

Rosanna’s journey takes her from humble beginnings in the back streets of Naples to the glittering stages of the world’s most prestigious opera houses. Set against a dazzling backdrop of evocative locations, The Italian Girl unfolds into a poignant and unforgettable tale of love, betrayal and self-discovery.



I had expectations when I started reading this book, and it turns out, that this is exactly my kind of book. – Full of emotions and passion. I ended up with mixed emotions, because of the conflict the protagonists had. It was very honest and realistic; at times, I could feel the pain coming through the pages.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book where other poignant stories intertwined with our main characters. All the other main characters we met during the read had time to express their emotions.

I love how well the setting works for the book. Naples and London becomes somewhat alive on these pages, I could easily see myself walking in their footsteps. Greatest of it all was the importance of opera throughout the story. It was easy to picture Roberto and Rosanna sing on the great stages around the world, bringing its audiences to tears.

The writing style was exquisite! Beautiful colorful descriptions and interesting yet realistic dialogue.  Lucinda gave us plenty of time to comprehend the characters and their emotions yet fluent and quickly enough without getting boring at any moment. My favorite part of the book is her use of third – person narrator with some sections here and there where Rosanna tells her story in letters. Overall, this was on par with her Seven Sisters series in terms of greatness. Lucinda Riley is truly inspiring and recommendable by heart.