Dig og Mig ved Daggry

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Titel: Dig og Mig ved daggry

Author: Sanne Munk Jensen & Glenn Rigtved

Udgivelsesår: 2013

Sideantal: 310

Forlag: Gyldendal

ISBN: 978-8700759077

Finished Reading: februar 2019

Genre: YA, Romance & Realism

Stars: 5










This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Da de hiver os op af Limfjorden, hænger vi stadig sammen. Jeg ved ikke, hvor lang tid vi har ligget i vandet, det er ikke til at sige, man mister ligesom tidsfornemmelsen. En uge. Måske to. Jeg ved det ikke. Retsmedicineren har også svært ved at sige det præcist. Han vil gerne have tilladelse til at fjerne håndjernene, det bliver han ved med at snakke om, det er skide besværligt at håndtere to lig, der hænger sammen på den måde.
Dig og mig ved daggry er den fatale kærlighedshistorie, som Louise aldrig fik fortalt. Før nu. Det er en historie om tilfældigheder, misforståelser, svigt og tilgivelse, og om at elske så vildt og meningsfyldt, at det er værd at dø for.



This is a book by Danish authors but is available in German, Italian and Portuguese.


I instantly fell in love with how the book consists of two different stories smashed into one. We follow our main character Louise and her developing relationship with Liam and then on the other hand we get an insight in how the parents of the two children feels and how they go on by. In a way, I think it’s awesome that we get the ending first and then the story of how they came to the decision to end their lives together.

The book is an all known narrator – and that was super interesting! I’m not sure how the authors came up with that idea but I’ve never seen it before! Even if you’re not interested in reading Realism or Young Adult for that matter, I’d still recommend this book only for the pleasure of how it’s written. Louise being both the first person narrator and an omniscient narrator! Do you believe in ghosts now?

The technique used for this work is phenomenal and the characters are there to support it! All of the characters seemed so realistic I could easily relate to all of them. The main characters messed up so badly and they were definitely not perfect. Usually characters in the YA genre are described as pretty and “good” but these authors dared to make the characters seem real and authentic. I wish Louise had had a bit more common sense and gotten the fuck out of there before shit hit the fan. Then again, that’s exactly what makes the book even more fucking perfect. We care so much about the characters, we feel sympathy toward them because they seem so real, and I wish I could just jump into the characters and help them out!

I wanted to buy this book for a long time, but every time I had the chance I somehow forgot or the book was too expensive, I wish right now that I would have spent the money and bought it once it was released rather than waiting until now (2019) to read it. It was such a good read and I would recommend anyone to grab the book and read it, because it really is worth the cost.

The more I think about the book the more I release that it’s that good! So many small details you’d normally ignore or not think about is shining through the surface. The way the dad sought closure to the mother battling depression, it’s epic!