Livet tilbage

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Title: Livet Tilbage

Author: Nicole Boyle Rødtnes

Udgivelsesår: 2019

Sideantal: 408

Forlag: Alvilda

ISBN: 978-8741501451

Finished Reading: Februar 2019

Genre: YA, Supernatural & Realism

Stars: 4










This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



“Jeg tager mit første åndedræt og kommer vaklende på benene. Den iskolde januarvind giver mig gåsehud. Det er første gang i to år, at jeg er menneske. Og jeg hader det allerede.” 

Vanja begik selvmord for to år siden ved at kaste sig i havet. Nu er hun tvunget tilbage til livet sammen med seks andre, der også tog deres eget liv. Men hvordan vender man tilbage til den verden, man forlod? Og vil døden nogensinde slippe sit tag i Vanja og de andre?

“Livet tilbage” er en fortælling om sorg og kærlighed, når livet gør allermest ondt …



The book is only available in Danish!

The book had some supernatural elements to it, which was interesting. Like Adam Silvera, she uses a few supernatural elements to her realistic story.

I like how different the plot was compared to the other books I’ve read. This isn’t even close to something I’ve encountered before. Nicole keep amazing me with new stuff you haven’t seen before, such as her series Ilttyv.

Now I usually don’t like books with multiple main characters having their own separate chapters but it worked in this case. It was nice to see how Iris was feeling about her sister as well as learning about Vanja and her reasons behind her actions. They were both good characters with their own separate personality. I wasn’t confused to as whom were who. It was very clear all the way through.

As for the other characters I liked them too, they were great supports to the main character, actually thinking back a lot of things worked for the book. The description of the place the story took place was very detailed, it was almost as if I was a part of the Island community.

The language is easy to understand and for that reason, it addresses people in all kinds of ages. The book juggles some harsh topics and the reception of the book may very well differ from each of its readers. I personally thought it was executed really well, the more I think about the book the more I like it, definitely recommendable, but it’s sad that it costs so much!

I liked the ending of the story, was a nice final addition! Well Done!