Sandcastle Empire

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Title: The Sandcastle Empire

Author: Kayla Olson

Published in English: 2017

Dansk titel: Sandcastle Empire

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2017

Sideantal: 425

Forlag: Høst & Søn

ISBN: 978-8763847797

Finished Reading: Januar 2019

Genre: YA, Science Fiction & Dystopian

Stars: 2








This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



When all hope is gone, how do you survive?

Before the war, Eden’s life was easy—air conditioning, ice cream, long days at the beach. Then the revolution happened, and everything changed.

Now a powerful group called the Wolfpack controls the earth and its resources. Eden has lost everything to them. They killed her family and her friends, destroyed her home, and imprisoned her. But Eden refuses to die by their hands. She knows the coordinates to the only neutral ground left in the world, a place called Sanctuary Island, and she is desperate to escape to its shores.

Eden finally reaches the island and meets others resistant to the Wolves. But their solace is short-lived when one of Eden’s new friends goes missing. Braving the jungle in search of their lost ally, they quickly discover Sanctuary is filled with lethal traps and an enemy they never expected.

This island might be deadlier than the world Eden left behind, but surviving it is the only thing that stands between her and freedom.



It took me a long time to figure out the plot and the reason behind this book, sure some elements were interesting but most of all I was just confused for the most part of the read. The start of the book was the most interesting of the lot. It was action packed but it was rather wasted on me, since I thought that the plot was the messiest I’ve ever read. What bothers me more though is the lack of character development.

The world seemed to lack more background and I was just left with a big question mark. In the end, I wasn’t sure about anything.

The action-packed plot keep the interest going but with such a superficial foundation for both the plot and the world, there’s no basic to enjoy the read whatsoever. I didn’t really feel a connection with the characters – I wasn’t feeling empathy toward them at any point in the book since their personalities and lack of description made it impossible to care whether they died or ended up being happy. I usually like first person narrators but in this case, it really doesn’t work for the book.

I wouldn’t recommend this book if you’re a Dystopian fan, since the actual amount of Dystopian is limited to the first 100 pages.

I’ve saved the best for last!

the book has 94 chapters in it!! WOOT