Den Sommer far blev homo

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Title: Den Sommeren Pappa ble homo

Author: Endre Lund Eriksen

Published in Norwegian: 2012

Dansk titel: Den Sommer far blev homo

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2013

Sideantal: 211

Forlag: Gyldendal

ISBN: 978-8702147858

Finished Reading: December 2018

Genre: Humor & LGBT

Stars: 2





This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Arvidsjaur har et navn han helst vil holde hemmeligt, en hund, Waldo, han helst vil holde indenfor og en far som har opført sig meget mærkeligt, siden hans mor stak af med sin lidt for personlige træner. Og som om det ikke var nok: i år må han og faren tilbringe ferien i et gammelt lig af en campingvogn et dødssygt sted langt ude på landet, hvor der kun er én attraktion: Skandinaviens mest berømte udendørs lokum.
Det kan ikke blive andet end en kedelig ferie!!!



This book is different than I expected. It’s said to be a children’s book but I disagree. It seems like the author had a difficulty displaying the age of our main character. The boy talked as if he’s thirty or older, and in the book, he’s displayed as twelve years of age. He used words I barely understood being in my late twenties, that was confusing and therefor I’ve not categorized it as a children’s book.

I wanted to buy this many times but the asking price was too high and now after I’ve borrowed it, I’m glad I didn’t spend three hundred plus DKK. I wouldn’t have been worth it.

I liked the diary concept it was a different way of doing things. It lost a little credibility but it was fun to see his entries during the days.

It’s a gay interest. However, the entries containing that, was barely exists.

I had issues with our characters as well. They lacked personality and we didn’t have enough time getting to know them. It’s difficult to say much about them, we got our main character Arvidsjaur he is funny at times, but for the most part he’s just scared out of his pants that his dad is gay, which is the overall plot too. We see no development with the main character, he is just as childish as when the book started.