Kunsten at Elske

11. November 2018 Off By lana88





Title: Kunsten af elske

Author: Marie – Louise Rønning

Udgivelsesår: 2018

Sideantal: 335

Forlag: Dreamlitt

ISBN: 978-8771712506

Finished Reading: November 2018

Genre: Realism Young Adult

Stars: 2










This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



At elske er svært, at elske sig selv er endnu sværere. Specielt, når nogle ar måske er for dybt til, at selv kærligheden kan hele dem.

Livet på et utal af internationale kostskoler og et turbulent familieliv har givet Nicole dybe ar på krop og sjæl. Modstræbende indvilliger hun i at tilbringe sit sidste skoleår, inden hun skal videre på college, på Borupgård, Den Frie Kost- og Efterskole, tæt på Silkeborg.

Her møder hun den sjove og karismatiske Alex, der langsomt og tålmodigt får Nicole til at åbne op og tro på, at kærlighed også er for hende.



This is a digital advance copy I’ve received directly from the author herself, thank you very much for letting me partake in the becoming of your book. It’s only available in Danish.

I had some issues with this book. First off, the way it’s written annoyed me to death. We don’t get to think for ourselves, because everything the characters do or say is described down to the last detail. In addition, it took me a long time to get to know our main character. She seemed disconnected from us readers and even after revealing some heartbreaking news, it was difficult to relate to her, it did shift around the end though, where she became more aware of her situation. The supporting characters didn’t stand out to me as individuals and frankly, it was just a bunch of names having conversations, bouncing words from one girl or boy to another. The only character that had me interested was Alex; he was mysterious and had some personality.

Language wise it was very YA like, a little too much for my taste and especially the use of metaphors was a bit annoying at times. I wasn’t a fan of the continuant usage of English sentences throughout the entire because it was so frequent and sort of lost its purpose.

Overall, there’s nothing wrong with the book per say. However, it felt like the author followed a strict template of how a book in this particular genre should be made and therefore I felt it lacked personality! However, I loved the romance between the two “main characters” Nicole and Alex and I was particular happy about the ending – you get to choose how it ends, although it’s obvious what’s going to happen!

If the start of the book hadn’t been that boring, I would have giving it a higher rating because the ending was very good.