Sookie Stackhouse #4 Død for Verden

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Title: Dead to the World

Series: Sookie Stackhouse #4

Author: Charlaine Harris

Published in English: 2004

Dansk titel: Død for Verden

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2010

Sideantal: 320

Forlag: Lindhardt og Ringtoft

ISBN: 978-8711426296

Finished Reading: November 2018

Genre: Paranormal, Romance & Fantasy

Stars: 4







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Sookie Stackhouse is a cocktail waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana. She has only a few close friends, because not everyone appreciates Sookie’s gift: she can read minds. That’s not exactly every man’s idea of date bait – unless they’re undead; vampires and the like can be tough to read. And that’s just the kind of guy Sookie’s been looking for. Maybe that’s why, when she comes across a naked vampire, she doesn’t just drive on by. He hasn’t got a clue who he is, but Sookie has: Eric looks just as scary and sexy – and dead – as ever. But now he has amnesia, he’s sweet, vulnerable, and in need of Sookie’s help – because whoever took his memory now wants his life.



This one was nearly my favorite of them all because of one thing and that thing only, the rest was about average at best. Eric is hands down the best character in the whole series! The plot was amazing and the overall story plot in this book was good.

Sookie was fun, thoughtful and earnest as always and there’s a lot more excitement surrounding the mysteries then before. It’s nice how the book can tackle multiple problems at once and still come out on the other side making sense and staying true to the story. Now for Sookie’s brother, Jason I have my concerns! I’m a little annoyed with the fact that he is constantly in the spotlight regarding a crime, which he hasn’t committed.

Another thing that didn’t make any sense whatsoever, was the fact that the “Bad guys” seemed weak, mindless and useless, did they really think they’d get away without consequences?

Overall a decent book, very enjoyable due to Eric’s “performance”

If you’ve seen the tv – show you might have a problem with how different the two are. I remember this part right here as one of the more interesting seasons and there’s a few characters I’m missing around this time.