Riley Bloom #4 Tryllebundet

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Title: Whisper

Series: Riley Bloom #4

Author: Alyson Noël

Published in English: 2012

Dansk titel: Tryllebundet

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2012

Sideantal: 194

Forlag: Alvilda

ISBN: 978-8771052718

Finished Reading: November 2018

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal & Fantasy

Stars: 3







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



This time, Riley might really have bitten off more than she’s ready for. After practically begging the Council for a more challenging Soul Catch, she is assigned an actual Roman gladiator—Theocoles, the Pillar of Doom. How is Riley, a skinny twelve-year-old, supposed to get through to him? Then she meets the beautiful Messalina, who convinces her that her only chance is to become part of this world. To accomplish this, Messalina helps Riley through a dramatic, mystical makeover, transforming her into the beautiful and mature teen she’s always wanted to be. Finally, Riley can experience her first boyfriend and her first kiss. With a dream this enchanting, will she ever want to leave?



This book was a bit different from the other three. At first, I thought it might be as boring as the others might but I saw a change in Riley that I really liked. It was a good ending to the series and is by far the best book of them all.

I was actually excited at times during the read. I liked the travel back in time it felt very realistic!

The language is the same as in the previous ones, easy to read but that’s where I got a problem. Every little sentence that’s supposed to be difficult for 10 year olds to understand is being broken down into segments and explained to death. Every time we get the chance to think for ourselves for a bit, we are shot down with a two-page explanation of what happened or what it means. Even though I thought it was interesting how Riley interacted with the people in the “past”, we don’t see her bratty side as much since she’s living a new life as someone else as a cover to get close to her actual assignment. The overall plot was interesting but I still have a problem with how the whole book is structured. I’m glad the series is over and done, I wouldn’t have been able to sit down with a fifth book and enjoyed it.  But if you’ve read the other three you might as well get this fourth and last book down as well, because it’s way better than the others!

I’m a little disappointed with the covers of them all really. The Immortals covers were amazing, but these are somewhat boring!

In addition, I’ve noticed a huge mistake. At the back of the book, it says: Fortryllet is the fourth and last book but at the front, the book is called Tryllebundet, drama!