Vandflammens Saga #4 Havets Magi

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Title: Sea Spell

Series: Waterfire Saga #4

Author: Jennifer Donnelly

Published in English: 2016

Dansk titel: Havets Magi

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2016

Sideantal: 445

Forlag: Alvilda

ISBN: 978-8771653083

Finished Reading: August 2018

Genre: Young Adult, Adventure & Fantasy

Stars: 5







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



At the end of Dark Tide, Book 3 in the Waterfire Saga, Astrid leaves her mermaid friends to confront her ancestor, Orfeo, the evil force behind the rise of the monster Abbadon. Orfeo possesses one of the six talismans that the merls need in order to keep the monster locked up forever. But without the ability to songcast, how will Astrid be able to defeat the most powerful mage in history? Meanwhile, Serafina and her Black Fins train goblin troops for battle against her uncle Vallerio’s death riders. Will Sera ever see her beloved home–and her beloved Mahdi–again, or will the Volneros take over the mer realms while Orfeo takes on the gods themselves? Nothing less than the fate of the underwater world is at stake in this breathtaking finale.



In a way, the first three boos seen like a warm up to this fourth and last part of the saga. I’m getting the sense that, the book is scattered around the ocean, and finally becomes whole around page 300. A lot of stuff happens, many intrigues and lots of drama, its one big mess and I love it!

It feels like the book consists of small books that finally merges in the end and it’s epic. I’m sure that the book series could contain more books but it’s a nice way to end it, before the readers would become agitated.

The book had everything! It was awesome that it wasn’t predictable. Stuff happens that you really don’t expect! In a way, this is the best book of them all. Our main character Sera got lots more chapters and you can easily feel the change she’s been going through.

I’m almost positive that the next time you read this series the more you will realize you’ve missed because you’ve been so caught up with what’s going on, and how it would end. It’s worth reading repeatedly and I would if it wasn’t because I have so much stuff to read.

It’s truly remarkable that it doesn’t have one of them happily ever after endings, but a rather realistic one. Even though it’s a fantasy, it seem more realistic then a lot of realism YA books does! The book juggles with many real life issues and this is a very befitting ending to a magical saga.