Nattens Hus #2 Forrådt

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Title: Betrayed

Series: House of Night #2

Author: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Published in English: 2007

Dansk titel: Forrådt

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2010

Sideantal: 305

Forlag: Tellerup

ISBN: 978-8758808864

Finished Reading: September 2018

Genre: Young Adult & Fantasy

Stars: 4





This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Zoey, High Priestess in training, has managed to settle in at the House of Night and come to terms with the vast powers the Vampyre Goddess Nyx has given her. Just as she finally feels she belongs, the unthinkable happens: human teenagers are being killed, and all evidence points to the House of Night. While danger stalks the humans from Zoey’s old life, she begins to realize that the very powers that make her so unique might also threaten those she loves.



The book doesn’t continue where the first one ended and you might need to reread the last chapter of the first book if you can’t remember it.

The language hasn’t changed nor the way is it written. However, pretty much everything else is different. It feel more mature and rawer. At times, it was fifty shades hot and that was a welcome feeling.

What I don’t like about this one is all the confusing emotions surrounding Zoey; I don’t like all the secrecy it pissed me off at times.

The plot is good. The story is developing and it’s getting interesting. It’s interesting to see the changes the different characters are going though. In addition, how you get to see the people for how they truly are.


This book probably has the biggest cliffhanger of all the books I’ve ever read. Usually follow-ups has problems keeping up the level of the first but in a way, this is better. You really should do yourself a favor and read this.