Hovedet i Skyerne

3. September 2018 Off By lana88





Title: Hovedet i Skyene

Author: Caroline Ørsum

Udgivelsesår: 2009

Sideantal: 176

Forlag: Høst & Søn

ISBN: 978-8763811583

Finished Reading: September 2018

Genre: LGBT & Young Adult

Stars: 2









This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



HOVEDET I SKYERNE er historien om Simon, der flytter til København for at starte i 3.g på et nyt gymnasium. Her bliver han venner med Daniel, som er helt anderledes end nogen, han før har mødt, og som vender op og ned på hans selvforståelse. Men er Simon klar til at acceptere sig selv som den, han viser sig at være?



This is a classic coming out story, but it felt flat. It was fun at times but it was so predictable.

The story has two main characters where each chapter is dedicated to one of them. We get to know how they both feel and think, believe me it works for this book. It’s easy to read and doesn’t contain any foul language. It would be suited for the younger audience whom I’m sure would find this interesting. The author made it easy to relate to the two main characters due to their hobbies. It feels very realistic! It could be the story of someone the author knows.

After reading this, I don’t really feel anything. Usually I have some sort of feeling, sadness, happiness or plain annoyance. Now I’m somewhat empty.

This is by a Danish Author and is only available in Danish, I don’t think we should expect a translation and frankly, you won’t miss much. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone really. The genre has become more popular lately and it’s easy to find a good LGBT themed book, which would be worth reading!

You get to make your own ending, Wuhu or not. Finish the story for f..k sake! I really want to find out how it ends and the though of making up my own ending, nah can’t do it!