Call me by your name

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Title: Call me By your name

Author: Andre Aciman

Published in English: 2017

Sideantal: 256

Forlag: Picador

ISBN: 978-1786495259

Finished Reading: June 2018

Genre: LGBT, fiction & Romance

Stars: 4








This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents’ cliff-side mansion on the Italian Riviera. Unprepared for the consequences of their attraction, at first each feigns indifference. But during the restless summer weeks that follow, unrelenting buried currents of obsession and fear, fascination and desire, intensify their passion as they test the charged ground between them. What grows from the depths of their spirits is a romance of scarcely six weeks’ duration and an experience that marks them for a lifetime. For what the two discover on the Riviera and during a sultry evening in Rome is the one thing both already fear they may never truly find again: total intimacy.

The psychological maneuvers that accompany attraction have seldom been more shrewdly captured than in André Aciman’s frank, unsentimental, heartrending elegy to human passion. Call Me by Your Name is clear-eyed, bare-knuckled, and ultimately unforgettable.



I had the pleasure of watching the movie before I read the book and I must say I fell in love with the movie straight away. In addition, I usually don’t read books in English and I must say it was a mouthful to say the least. It was difficult to read it and understand everything. Many words were lost on me and I had to use a translator at times. My God what a great book. It follows the storyline of the movie quiet well but one thing is different; we get to see them both grow older and that was so cool. I’m positive we get to read a follow-though next.

This is an LGBT book and it shows on several occasions. Fear not, it’s not displayed grossly in any way and it suits the story the details given. I’d recommend this book in a heartbeat especially if you like books that are very describing. I love all the details given about nature and the surroundings it makes it seem so lifelike, and realistic it’s as if you’re there. In many ways I believe this is a masterpiece; one that won’t be forgotten in fifty years. This is a beautiful work.

The characters are amazing I love the interaction between them. If there’s one thing the matter with this book, it’s that it hasn’t been translated yet! So enjoy a fantastic work!