Ilttyv #2 Under Sløret

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Title: Under Sløret

Series: Ilttyv #2

Author: Nicole Boyle Rødtnes

Udgivelsesår: 2016

Sideantal: 336

Forlag: Alvilda

ISBN: 978-8771059373

Finished Reading: Januar 2019

Genre: YA, fantasy & Dystopian

 Stars: 5









This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



“Prøver du at forhandle? Lad mig gøre det helt tydeligt: Spørgsmålet er ikke, om du skal gøre, hvad jeg siger. Spørgsmålet er, om du skal have lov til at leve bagefter.”

Marton har kastet Troy gennem sløret. Shay, hans søster, vil have hævn. Men uanset hvad hun gør, er det, som om Marton altid er et skridt foran. Lige indtil hun finder en forbundsfælle, som har nøglen til at vælte Marton og hans imperium af forbrydelser og undertrykkelse. Samtidig vågner Troy under sløret i en fremmed verden uden ilt …



This book is only available in Danish now, but I’m sure that all the English-speaking countries out there will get the pleasure of reading this someday.


I was hooked on the first book but this book, wow it’s even better than the first. We are right back in action starting up straight where we left them.

The character develop so much its fantastic not a single dull moment in this action packed sequel! It’s been a while since I’ve had such a great reading experience. I like how this book is more mature than the first one, therefor reading out to its elder audience whilst staying in the YA genre. It’s definitely not the last time I read this!

I’ve gotten used to the change in chapters and doesn’t annoy me in this one at all, it took so getting used to, and now I can enjoy the read to its fullest. If a translation isn’t in action, I’m definitely interesting in being its translator! It deserves to get out into the real world.

If you loved the first, you’ll be madly in love with this second installment. I’m sure the next and sadly last, will be just as epic. I really fancy this original story!