Cykose #3 Hypnosia

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Title: Hypnosia

Series: Cykose #3

Author: Birgitte Lorentzen

Dansk Udgivelsesår: 2014

Sideantal: 383

Forlag: bookbooks

ISBN: 978-8799744206

Finished Reading: November 2018

Genre: Young Adult & Paranormal

Stars: 1









This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Mads og Lulu går i gymnasiet, og alt går faktisk rigtig godt.
 Lige indtil den dag Mads modtager en mystisk pakke fra Frankrig med en amulet. Amuletten har tilhørt hans afdøde mor og skal beskytte ham mod det onde. Hvem har sendt den? Og hvad er det onde, Mads skal beskyttes imod? Mads og Lulu ender i Paris og senere i Saintes- Maries-de-la-Mer til romaernes fejring af Den Sorte Sara. Men hvad skal Mads og Lulu der? Og hvad har det hele med Mads’ fortid og hans døde mor at gøre?



Hmm, I thought this was boring. It was protracted and plot wise very dull! The way our two main characters intertwined and acted towards each other shocked me; I’ve never read a book that made me feel uncomfortable like that. They have virtually no respect for one another.

The amount of interesting things that occurred can literally be counted on one hand. Not even the ending had me excited on any level.

Language wise it’s still the same type of writing however, something feels different. Maybe I lost that spark because I couldn’t deal with how Mads acted towards Lulu.

Even though time has passed from the second to the third book, the characters hasn’t developed at all. Lulu is still as annoying as previously, but at least back then; it had some suspense to it. However, this just felt like a repetition of the second book, which in my opinion was the best.

It lacked originality and the characters had zero personality and were emotionless even in situations that mattered.