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Title: Diali

Serie: Sjælevandre

Number in Series: 1

Author: Charlotte Fischer

Udgivelsesår: 2017

Sideantal: 314

Forlag: Facet

ISBN: 978-8793456198

Finished Reading: October 2018

Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult & Dystopia

Stars: 2







This is my personal review without spoilers of the actual plot.



Roneoak er navnet på det samfund, Cawi og Dahlia kender, og lever i. Roneoak ligger ved kysten. Det sidste sted for mennesket.

I Roneoak forsøger Cawi og Dahlia at opretholde en tilværelse. Der er mangel på alt. Og fremtiden er usikker.

Cawi fornemmer, at en altødelæggende trussel mod Roneoak er nært forestående. Cawi er overbevist om, at der findes mennesker på den anden side af bjergene. Derfor begiver Cawi og Dahlia sig ud på en rejse, som ændrer deres liv for altid.

Sjælevandrer 1 – Diali er en dystopisk fortælling om overlevelse, kærlighed, liv og død.



This isn’t a bad book per say but I expected so much more than I got. I hoped for an epic journey where the two main characters had to fight for their survival traveling through a beautiful world and not the love story it turned out to be.

I hated Cawi with a passion! In addition, I though Dahlia was an ignorant selfish girl! Another part I hated was the fact that the two main characters had separate chapters never been a fan of that and in my opinion it just shows that the author isn’t that skilled.

The journey through the landscape is about 50 pages long or something and the rest is just an endless struggle for the two characters. In addition, they aren’t making it easier for themselves and many of the things that happened just seemed like filler pages. It may just be my take on the book but frankly, I’ve never been more disappointed with a read.

It’s easy to understand and not really that complex. It lacks a lot of world building and that stuff that we get to know seem forgotten the next page because it lacked description and detail. There’s a second book to the series and I’ve heard its way better than the first so maybe I’ll read it if I come across it cheap. I’m not sure how it’ll continue though since it seemed finished…